SteveVictorsonAfter working for more than 12 years with Dr. Igor Burdenko, a pioneer in the field of water-based sports training, I started Swymfit in 2004. At the Burdenko Institute we used a combination of water and land exercise known as the Burdenko Method. We were the first private training program in the U.S. to utilize the combination of land and water for rehabilitation, sports conditioning and general fitness.

With Swymfit, I utilized my extensive knowledge of water-based exercise along with my training and background to create a health club based around unique deep water fitness programming, with the theme of joint friendly exercise.

Since 2004, my deep water fitness protocols have been very successful in helping members improve and maintain their mobility, allowing them to age actively.

We have also published a study with the UCONN School of Physical Therapy on community-based water exercise for knee osteoarthritis.

Whether it is moving quickly and effortlessly though airports, actively spending time with kids or grandchildren, training for masters sports, performing at the highest levels of elite/professional sport, skiing to age 100 or just staying fit, my programs will help you to achieve these goals.

The Champion's Way

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